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Why Choose Us

Most of the challenges associated with using a Development Partner resource can emanate from Cultural and language differences, Proximity, Time Zones, and Management Controls – whilst these challenges alone can mask the true day rate that a Partner might charge, they can also impact project success or deadlines.

By working with Amdaris, our clients benefit from working with a Microsoft Gold Partner, with a UK based management team and technical resource, but at competitive commercial terms.

A software development partner

When companies consider working with a software development partner, it’s normally driven by business needs such as Flexibility, Scalability, Capability, Capacity and Speed to market, but also:

  • Lowering development costs
  • Flexibility and the ability to respond to spikes in internal requirements
  • Gain access to a larger and deeper pool of IT resources
  • Poor recruitment, retention and training of staff

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Amdaris are one of Europe’s premier software development companies. Our clients range from tech start-ups, software vendors to global multi-billion dollar organizations.

We are highly focused on the delivery of Products and Platforms, and employ some of the most talented software engineers in Europe. We are quality-focused business, with ISO 9001 and 27001 accreditation.

Our HQ is based in the UK, along with our Senior Management team, and we also have our own near-shore development centers in Romania and Moldova. This means our clients get the quality of working with a Microsoft Gold Partner, with local management controls, but at competitive commercial terms.

The Nearshore equation can be summed as

Nearshore = Offshore + Proximity

But what does Nearshore mean in practice?

  • Time zone alignment – our Development Centres in Romania and Moldova are only 2+ GMT, and when combined with our UK resource, we are able to provide upto 12 hours a day support
  • Cultural and language alignment - making working together seamless
  • Resource proximity – our developers have EU passports, and can be on-site in 3 hours, if needed.
  • Management Controls – our Senior Management Team are based in the UK
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Amdaris are seen by its clients as a safe pair of hands, and we always seek to add value whenever we can.