Innovative UK bid support

Your Innovate UK funding application deserves a technology partner as good as your idea

The UK Government has made £1.25bn, as a result of coronavirus, available to support high growth potential businesses with £750m going through the Governments innovation agency, Innovate UK. Competition for the funding is expected to be high when it opens.


More information on Innovate UK here [link opens in a new window]


At Amdaris we can develop the technology side of your Innovate UK application and help increase the chance of a successful outcome and, ultimately, the funding for your idea.


Adding credibility to your Innovate UK funding application

At Amdaris we can provide a range of technology services that will not only add credibility to your application but they will differentiate you from other applicants – increasing your chance of successful funding.


A great idea isn’t enough anymore – you need to collaborate

Long gone are the days when a brilliant, game-changing business or science idea would be enough to secure innovation funding. The secret now is to have a brilliant innovation idea plus the team and technology to deliver it. You need partners and we bring our A-game to every partnership.



The Amdaris way is a proven path to success

We practice a detailed and established agile methodology. It allows us to deliver on projects in a timely manner without compromising on quality. Innovate UK will be looking for ideas that can go to market quickly and we can be part of your strategy.



A five-minute chat now may save you days later and cost you nothing

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