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We’re growing rapidly and are looking for Data Engineer professionals to embark on international software development projects. You’ll work with the latest technologies together with our brightest minds in a collaborative and energetic work environment. At Amdaris, we support our team so everyone can build a successful career within a highly reputable organisation. A great team mentality is essential with the ability to lead by example.





The main purpose of the role is to build and implement methods to improve data reliability and quality by combining raw information from different sources and creating consistent and machine-readable formats for our clients. You will be developing and testing architectures that enable data extraction and transformation for predictive or prescriptive modelling and work closely with the data science and software development teams to analyse raw data, develop and maintain large datasets and improve overall data quality.


As a Data Engineer, you will be responsible for expanding and optimising our clients’ data and data pipeline architectures. As well as optimising data flow and collection for cross-functional teams. An important element of your role is to find trends in data sets and develop algorithms to help make raw data more useful to the enterprise. You will be developing, constructing, testing and maintaining architectures, aligning those with business requirements and identifying ways to improve data reliability, efficiency and quality.




  • Experience working with Oracle databases
  • Ability to build and optimise ‘big data’ data pipelines, architectures and large data sets
  • Experienced in Snowflake
  • Skilled in designing and developing data integrations
  • Previous experience in distributed systems and seasoned in operating data integrations and pipeline solutions
  • Experience of Vendor Management Systems
  • Used to work in highly regulated environment with comprehensive data management and information security policies/constraints
  • A successful history of manipulating, processing and extracting value from large disconnected datasets
  • Technical expertise with data models, data mining, and segmentation techniques
  • Excellent numerical and analytical skills

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