Vue.JS Developer Bucharest

Full Time
Bucharest / Remote Working Available

We’re growing rapidly and are seeking Vue.JS professionals at mid/senior levels to embark on a range of international software development projects. The role will put the latest technologies at your fingertips in a talented, collaborative team and high-energy work environment. We want everyone to build a career they can be proud of and will support you in your development from day one. You’ll be happy to work in a team and lead by example, every day.




We bring together the best talent and next-level ideas to create outstanding solutions. With 40% year-on-year growth every year under our belt over the past four years, we have big plans for the future. Our growth plan is ambitious and our projects take software to the next level.




A Vue.JS Professional has an essential role within the company, oversees the activities of the less experienced engineers, and works closely with the business’ backend engineers (we have a variety of technologies, such as .Net, Java, PHP, Python and many more). A Vue.JS Developer implements the user interface and engineers the experience of every site/software being put out by the business, constantly evaluates emerging technologies and reveals strategic, innovative, and cost-effective solutions that increase the efficiency, reliability, and integration of the software.


Working with a variety of clients, from different industries, you will act as an expert in providing the best business solution, taking into account the purpose and specificity of each project.




  • Previous experience as a front-end developer
  • Strong understanding of markup languages such as HTML and CSS
  • Experience with JavaScript and Typescript.
  • Deep knowledge of Vue.JS framework
  • Browser testing and debugging
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the full web development process (design, development and deployment).
  • Understanding of SEO fundamentals
  • Familiarity with software like Adobe Suite, Photoshop and content management systems.
  • Good knowledge of Agile methodologies.
  • Understanding of TDD and BDD approaches in software development.

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Job Features

  • Salary

    Competitive salary that rewards your hard work and recognise talent

  • Benefits

    Attractive mix of perks and benefits

  • Tech

    High spec laptops and latest technology

  • Environment

    Flexible working

  • Development

    In-house and external training courses and qualifications

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    Be rewarded


    At Amdaris, we offer competitive salaries. Your progression is important to us, so we create roadmaps to you learning more and earning more through our performance review and goals.


    Joining Amdaris is just the start of your new chapter. We will ensure you have a clear career development plan so that you can plot your destiny.


    Learning and self-improvement are a core part of our values. Whether you want to get certified or train in new technologies, we will take care of it.


    Amdaris offers competitive salaries and excellent benefits, including time off, opportunities to travel, social events and referral bonuses to name a few.


    Health involves more than medical cover. At Amdaris we provide access to gyms, healthy produce and much more.


    We are geeks and we love tech. We will make sure you have high spec hardware and access to a huge array of software applications so you can work at your best.


    Our city centre office, set on a 12th floor terrace in Timisoara, offers fantastic office space. There’s breakout rooms, collaborative spaces, places to relax and proper coffee and other amenities to keep you going through the day. We keep our remote employees well stocked with everything they need to get the job done too.