Modernising a legacy technology landscape

Discover how Amdaris helped its client transition from a single incumbent supplier as part of its digital transformation plans

Using The Amdaris Way and ITIL best practice to deliver rapid onboarding and deep knowledge transfer with an immovable deadline


A FTSE250 leading supplier of infrastructure services to the oil and gas industry

Our client is an FTSE250 leading supplier of infrastructure services to the oil and gas industry.  They design, build, manage, and maintain infrastructure for the energy industries.  Their teams provide a full suite of engineering services including conceptual and feasibility studies and front-end engineering and design (FEED) through to detailed design for both onshore and offshore facilities.


Move away from a single incumbent supplier to a network of technology experts quickly and with no service interruption

Amdaris started working with the client as part of a drive, by the new CIO and their IT team, to digitally transform the business.  This involved replacing a single, long-term, incumbent supplier within whom all the organisational knowledge resided.  This digital transformation included the implementation of a new Global Service Desk (ServiceNow) across multiple towers, the introduction of ITIL best practice to continually improve processes and the need to deal with multiple legacy technologies.

The plan called to replace the incumbent supplier with a suite of technology experts, following the SIAM model, which created several towers of which Amdaris was chosen to manage business-critical applications within the Application tower.

The client needed Amdaris to address the issue of a large number (hundreds+) of legacy applications, a significant number of under-performing business-critical applications, and a growing level of unresolved support tickets that were contributing to rising costs, increased user dissatisfaction and potential security implications.  Speed of delivery was a priority.

And finally, the client had to have confidence in the transfer of responsibility from the incumbent to Amdaris and successful knowledge transfer from the incumbent before their departure.


Using The Amdaris Way to deliver onboarding and deep knowledge transfer in under 6 weeks

Onboarding was the critical first stage and Amdaris deployed its highly detailed and rapid onboarding process a critical part of ‘The Amdaris Way’, in under 6 weeks, working to an immovable date as the incumbent exited the client.

The fast pace of change demanded by the client was made possible due to Amdaris expertise in Service Management best practice (using core ITIL principles) and its ability to advise the client on the best way to deliver the service.

Given the perceived risk of switching from a single incumbent supplier, Amdaris recommended an onsite Business Relationship Manager be added to the team to ensure the highest level of stakeholder communication and supplier management.  This allowed Amdaris to demonstrate a deep understanding of stakeholder and user needs as well as being in a position to rapidly respond to any issues that arose without harming the pace of delivery.

Amdaris then focused on creating a leaner, more technically capable, team that were able to demonstrate the skills required to work across a wide range of technologies (old and new).

Having delivered a successful onboarding project Amdaris then proceeded to add value to the clients’ business by focusing on several priority workstreams:

  • sunsetting of legacy systems
  • further migration of core applications to the cloud (Azure)
  • increased resolution of outstanding legacy support tickets
  • identification and resolution of recurring support themes
  • identification and delivery of improvements, new features, enhancements and upgrades.



The Amdaris onboarding process

The different facets of The Amdaris Way approach to onboarding


Rapid and detailed onboarding, a highly-skilled technology team, and The Amdaris Way processes meant that the transfer to a new supplier ran smoothly and the change in support performance was felt almost immediately within the client.

The number of support items reduced from over 300 to under 100 as a result of a combination of a strategic approach to issue resolution, the reduction in the legacy application estate, and Amdaris spending time resolving issues in the performance of the business-critical applications.

Unnecessary costs, poorly performing business-critical applications, and security concerns were addressed and customer satisfaction, productivity, and, finally, profitability all improved.


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