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Orbitá is a digital platform for public sector organisations engaged in procurement. The start-up company was borne out of a vision to create a collaborative platform to provide access to financial, analytical and supplier information, including supplier research, market intel, and contract awards across a closed and secure community of procurement, commissioning, and contract management professionals.

Traditionally, many organisations and professional disciplines work in ‘silos’ and are heavily reliant on excel spreadsheets or financial reporting software which typically has not been designed to meet the needs of a modern procurement team and rarely extend beyond the boundary of a single organisation. But Orbitá’s platform changes this, enabling communication and collaboration within and between organisations and easy access to important reference information such as Companies House, Charity Commission, and Care Quality Commission (CQC). With full access to a data warehouse, users can quickly see which providers are being shared with other public sector authorities and what these suppliers are being paid.


A collaborative analytics platform to improve the value of public sector procurement

Our client came to us with a vision to create a single procurement platform that focuses on the needs of procurement, commissioning and contract management professionals. This platform would allow public sector organisations to collaborate and share information about their suppliers, and see the spend transactions they were all making.

The idea came whilst our client, who has a keen interest in procurement, was working as a management consultant. Having worked for several large household names including consumer brands and financial services our client could see how different cultures and styles impacted decision-making across organisations and how the lack of access to critical supplier information was a real barrier to collaboration and better decision making.

Orbitá needed a partner to transform these ideas into a commercial product. They chose Amdaris because of the quality of our people and processes and our ability to take ideas to minimal viable product (MVP) stage in weeks.