Simplified customer claims with enterprise-grade conversational AI




Microsoft Bot Framework




Team augmentation


RightIndem is an award-winning global InsurTech, offering a digital insurance claim solution that puts customers at its heart. The company is transforming the experience and economics of insurance by making the claims process easy and quick for customers while providing an effective solution that allows for automation of key decisions when applicable.

RightIndem was founded in 2015 and named after the need to address fairness in insurance; resolving the “right indemnity”. Since then it has gained huge interest from the worldwide insurance sector which recognised the opportunity to deliver a greatly improved claims experience to its customers.

The bot platform improves customers’ experience and satisfaction because they are able to quickly put in a claim to insurance companies without speaking to anyone on the phone. And with this system set up to deal with smaller claims, insurance companies save money by freeing up claim handlers to deal with the more expensive ones over the phone.

Using the Agile methodology for achieving its goals, RightIndem applies fresh ideas to today’s issues by finding new perspectives to traditional processes.


A trusted partner to help them achieve their fast growth strategy

The insurance market dates back to the 1700s. The UK market is the fourth largest in the World and the largest in Europe. With an estimated total premium volume of just under £200 billion, our client wanted to take this market by storm and use technology to revolutionise the way the industry currently handles claims; not only to empower customers to take control of their claims but to increase renewal levels and improve claim handlers’ productivity.


RightIndem needed a trusted partner to help them achieve their fast growth strategy. They would be using the Microsoft Bot Framework, a comprehensive framework for building enterprise-grade conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) experiences. As this technology is relatively new to both of us, and we have relationships with Microsoft to leverage, this was a great opportunity to grow and learn together, finding out what the framework could offer to the client now and into the future.

One of the main reasons RightIndem chose Amdaris is due to our ability to scale up our extended software development teams as and when required. This flexibility helps our client meet their delivery deadlines and increase the speed to market.