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.NET Core, LexisNexis, VisualFiles




Team augmentation


Our client is a legal company with specialist commercial, private client and personal injury teams collaborating to provide unrivalled support to businesses, individuals and those rebuilding their lives following an injury or tragedy.

Royds Withy King prides itself on being ahead of the curve by putting client relationships at the heart of its business, anticipating their needs and proactively looking for the best solutions. The business recognises that every client has its own personal curve, which is why they work together to smooth the path and overcome any challenges that may lie ahead.

The breadth and depth of Royds Withy King’s experience, together with ongoing investment in people, processes and new technologies, enables them to deliver an exceptional client experience.


Team augmentation to expand in-house capacity

After initially meeting Royds Withy King at an event in our Bristol offices, we explored how we could save the company time and support its in-house development team which was struggling to keep up with the growing needs of the business. The team has been using Visualfiles as its case management tool for more than 20 years and, during this time, a backlog of functional requirements from the legal team had built up.

With a vision to modernise its technology landscape, the business needed the outstanding backlog addressed while simultaneously building next-generation applications.

To achieve this, Royds Withy King was exploring options to quickly scale up its in-house team. This is where our team augmentation offer was especially attractive, and led to the launch of a proof of concept project.