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our services

our services

Imagining your impossible

Whatever your impossible looks like, Amdaris is passionate about making it an inevitability. However we can help you on your journey, Amdaris will seamlessly integrate into your business and culture, bringing passion, care and technical proficiency directly to you.

Every element of the wider Amdaris offer falls beneath the umbrella of our core service: extending teams with highly skilled software experts. Whether you are looking for Software Development, Data Solutions, Strategy & Consulting, Managed Services or full Product Development, we fulfil your needs by augmenting your in-house teams with our exceptional people. We can also build teams from the ground up for those with limited technology capabilities.

Amdaris joins you as a true partner from end-to-end. We take the time to understand your business needs, scale to adjust to the scope of your project as it ebbs and flows, and work hard to make your ambitions a reality — whatever service you need from us.

Software Development

Exceptional people with exceptional skills

At Amdaris, we believe that our people are our greatest asset. The culture we’ve built attracts world-class software developers, while the deep relationships we’ve fostered with the top technical universities in Eastern Europe enable us to nurture and retain the best young talent. Whatever level they join us at, our developers have access to training, mentoring, and continuous learning opportunities, allowing them to stay at the forefront of the latest industry trends and technologies.

Supported by exceptional people, our process is underpinned by our tried and tested Agile Software Development Cycle. Through a flexible and collaborative approach, we create a foundation, plan, and a common understanding for any future developments for your software activities. With Amdaris, you can be sure you’re not just getting exceptional developers, but a partner that’s deeply invested in your long-term success.

Passion defines us

Passion defines us

For our customers

The exceptional NPS score of 87 that we have achieved is testament to the care our developers take in building long-term relationships with our clients, ensuring that software development is a continual, beneficial partnership.

For the technology

Our software developers have been selected for their world-class skills and their passion for technology. To stay ahead of the game they continually seek certifications, join guilds, and participate in Hackathons and skill-sharing events.

For our people

We don’t just hire people; we invest in them. We nurture our developers through investment in our software development ecosystem, building them into the future titans of tech.

Software Development with Amdaris is about far more than simply providing you with quick hires to augment your team. We approach collaboration as science and an art form, bringing you the finest developers who will not only hold your hand through the whole project, but use their expertise to develop the capabilities and confidence of your people as well.

Alix Stewart, Head of Agile Delivery, Amdaris

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Royds Withy King

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Strategy & Consulting

Mapping out your success story

The ability to pivot, being flexible to your company’s—and the broader market’s—needs, is the defining feature of a thriving business. The best way to achieve this flexibility is through in-depth, long-term planning.

Any strategy you develop should be braced to adapt and scale when you need it to. Amdaris has been working for decades with companies like yours, navigating uncertainty with product and development teams to help projects triumph. This expertise will help you to build a strategy that is able to adapt to any unforeseen changes and obstacles. Amdaris acts as a true strategic partner, not only helping you build the strategy, but backing it up with the expertise around how to execute your ideas.

We bring you

We bring you

Tangible activities and solutions

Everything from due diligence and tech reviews to comprehensive health checks and coaching workshops. We join you as third-party experts to survey the lay of the land and set you up for success.

Unbiased, objective opinions

Amdaris teams are trained to voice project risks and identify new opportunities when you need them most.

The ability to execute your planning

Amdaris has nearly 1,000 highly trained technology experts with the insight, training and passion you need to implement plans and programmes and deliver value.

Strategy is a living, breathing thing. It’s no use for businesses to seek consultation, wait for three months to get a comprehensive report only to find that half of it no longer applies to their situation. The process needs to be approached with an Agile mindset, constant communication and the intention of embarking on a journey together.

Charlie Voller Barnes, Head of Solutions, Amdaris

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Product Development

Your project realised from start to finish

Every great innovation starts from the smallest spark of an idea. But what if you have a million and one ideas about how to solve issues in your business, modernise your legacy software, or streamline inefficiencies? How can you develop ideas from a spark of inspiration into a blazing reality?

You need a true, empathetic partnership from start to finish. Amdaris will take your project from zero to complete with an agile, sprint-led approach. And with the design and development of your product being handled by one, unified team, you can rest assured that strong collaboration will define the entire process, meaning that no details go missing at any stage in the project.

How we accomplish this

How we accomplish this


We dedicate time to understanding your user’s needs, compile extensive competitor research and gather and analyse relevant data to help visualise your project.


Through amalgamating relevant information we are able to build a comprehensive strategy, planning design sprints and establishing a content hierarchy to streamline our process.

Design & Building

The design and building process of your project all falls under one roof, resulting in a consistently collaborative approach, meaning that the final build adheres to all specific design trends and choice.

Product Development is about research, insight and collaboration as much as it’s about design. It’s about taking the millions of ideas that a customer might have flying around in their heads, honing them down into something manageable, and fleshing that idea into a reality.

Aaron Parker, Head of Product, Amdaris

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Data Solutions

Unlock the value of your data

In the world of technology, the ability to capitalise on your data asset is a crucial—albeit often overlooked—resource in achieving your ambitions. Most companies will have enormous deposits of data scattered around but lack the capacity or time to dig into this valuable resource and find out what they can learn from it.

Amdaris is a data fluent company with the capability to pull data into a single, collective point. As well as amalgamating data, Amdaris will perform comprehensive analyses to help you understand the ways your data can evolve your business to its next level of functionality.

We will

We will

Integrate your data

Moving large data pools away from outdated legacy systems and onto modern cloud platforms, centralising everything into one location.

Manage your data

With detailed architecture and design, we will ensure that your data is secured and readily available for you to start learning from.

Analyse your data

By deep diving into your KPIs and ambitions, we will translate the numbers to illustrate how you can make your goals a reality.

Investing in Data Solutions is ultimately about investing in a better understanding of your business. Aggregating data into a single source allows you to make easier decisions regarding the development of your business, improve your security, and optimise all of your systems for business intelligence. Developing a greater understanding of the data that defines a business is something every company can benefit from — whether they realise it or not.

Mihai Cernei, Chief Technology Officer, Amdaris

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Managed Services

Delivering value around the clock

Keeping your existing software and applications operating at their maximum efficiency is just as important as implementing brand new projects and ideas. In order to expand your business, it’s vital that your present technologies can keep up with your ambition.

At Amdaris we handle Managed Services differently. We believe in delivering value at every step of the journey, offering more than simply an insurance policy for when things go wrong. We look after your existing IT applications with around the clock, scalable support, and with our dynamic delivery pods you’ll also have a team dedicated to supporting your wider growth ambitions by harnessing the latest technologies and innovations to keep you one step ahead of the game.

What we bring you

What we bring you

One dedicated team

The same team that maintains and supports your legacy system is also responsible for improving and enhancing new systems, resulting in a seamless and collaborative approach.

Application support

We keep your current applications on track through modernisation, futureproofing, cloud migration, tools and integration. We follow an Agile approach and carry out continuous auditing and risk mitigation to deal with issues before they happen.

Innovation and development

We look beyond the conventional to see what’s possible for your application’s development to support your wider growth ambitions.

Managed Services with Amdaris is not only about keeping the lights on and fixing bugs. We’re a proactive partner looking to continually evolve your application and enhance your business. Every penny you spend should be delivering value, so we’ll always be working hard to reassure you that your money is well-spent.

Matt Lee, Chief Delivery Officer, Amdaris

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Our capabilities

Software Engineering
Amdaris extends your teams with exceptional people developed from Eastern Europe’s richest talent pools and top technical universities. Amdaris software engineers will not only deliver your project, but impart their knowledge to increase your own team’s capabilities.
Product Design
The collaborative phases of researching, brainstorming and, of course, designing projects. All underpinned by a flexible, sprint-led process to deliver your projects on time and on budget in a trusted partnership.
Software Architecture
The development of a functional blueprint for your software project to expedite and increase the efficiency of the entire process. Such attention to detail will help ensure we are consistently on track towards delivering your essential goals.
Quality Assurance
Eradicate the cost of bug fixing further down the line by investing in Quality Assurance. With manual, automated and other testing approaches, we ensure that bugs are fixed before they go live in the system.
Solutions Architecture
Providing technical assistance and support, Solutions Architecture identifies your technical and business requirements and designs a bespoke, commercially viable solution utilising the necessary Amdaris services.
Product Leadership
Building the strategy for delivering your project by identifying key metrics and creating a roadmap. Product Leadership helps keep things on track by collating opinions and making tough decisions when necessary.
Business Analysis
Learning the needs of a business and identifying solutions to problems. These solutions could include the development of a software or system component, improvements to existing processes, organisation changes or strategic planning and policy development.
Removing the boundaries between the traditional development and IT operations teams, DevOps establishes a set of common practices that aim to streamline deployments by making them more frequent, more reliable and less time-consuming.
Data Science & Engineering
With data fluent expertise, Amdaris will integrate, manage and analyse business data, figuring out how best to utilise the learnings to evolve businesses to their next stage of functionality.
Agile Leadership
Avoiding rigidity in our approach is a key reason behind our success. We place such an emphasis on Agile delivery — and the leadership required to deliver it — in order to adapt to any situation and continually delight our clients.
Programme Management
Whatever assistance our clients are seeking from Amdaris, we have skilled management practices in place to oversee the programme from inception to completion, helping it remain on track and on budget.
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