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successful software delivery
3 best practices for successful software delivery

With the clamour for software delivery continuing to rise, companies must ensure their processes are efficient and effective, so that value is delivered for the business and – most importantly – for its users.

Here are three best practices organisations should keep in mind when setting out to develop new software.

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Legal tech trends
Five digital trends to watch in the legal tech sector

Technology is changing the legal sector. The UK government has recently announced that it is investing £4 million to modernise the UK legal industry through its LawTechUK programme. The initiative is a part of a drive to keep the UK at the global forefront of legal services.

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Don’t overlook outsourcing: The top four benefits of a long-term outsourcing partner

The best outsourcing companies act as long-term partners who provide critical advice and expertise to transform your company.

In light of this, this article looks at the top four reasons growing companies can benefit from a long-term outsourcing partner:

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